Watching “Non-stop” for the first time. WHY didn’t I watch this movie before?! It has all these great actors!

I’M HOME!! Or I will be in an hour. Home to proper tv, INTERNET, plumping that works, a soft bed and TAP WATER! Sweet, sweet tap water~! Water you don’t have to buy in a bottle~! Oh man! That’s something you don’t appreciate enough before you go somewhere with polluted water..

I’m 2 weeks behind on Teen Wolf, a week in Free! - gonna be good to get back.

Hah, serves you right! Conceited waste of space..

Well, at least they didn’t laugh at her in this version… God, poor Tommy..

He’s so sweet and lovely and such a nice person and so nice to Carrie whyyyyy does he have to suffer!! It’s not okay it’s not okay!

So far so good, but I hate hate hate humiliation and this is all about humiliation and I know what will happen and I don’t know if I can take it. Poor poor Carrie. That Tris should be maimed.

Gonna watch “Carrie” (the new version). Let’s see if I make it trough. I seriously doubt it tho.

Wauw. I did not expect to be so drawn into The Great Gatsby (movie). I thought it’d be boring, but it’s not. It’s very interesting.

Aw man, I’m in THAT mind of mood.. The “I wanna call someone and talk about everything a and verbally snuggle” - at 1AM. Typical.

Aw man, this flu has the worst timing..

I’m supposed to go out and party tomorrow. I don’t wanna be siiiick..!